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Artists create a Trump simulation speaking for the people.

Iott, Celik and Schulz / A Leader that Speaks for Us

Artists Alicia Iott, Hizal Celik, and Anna Schulz create A Leader that Speaks for Us, an interactive simulation of president-elect Donald Trump, speaking for the people.

Exhibited online using tweets tweeted using the hashtag #NotMyPresident, the simulation expresses these tweets, the words of the people, in Trump’s voice.

Iott explains, “In an attempt to visualize a true democracy, we took to the internet to create a leader representing America’s views.”

Exhibited alongside its inspiration, A Leader that Speaks for Us implements the visualizations of the peoples’ opinions in real time.

Schulz says “In association with this simulation, Twitter presents itself as a forum for the people to make it their own.”

Iott, Celik and Schulz / A Leader that Speaks for Us

As these opinions are tweeted, the simulation processes and adds them to the queue simulating President-elect Trump giving a continual speech based off of the people. Here are some of our favorites:

A Leader that Speaks for Us 2016

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